DeGIS 2010: Supporting Geospatial Collaboration through the Concept of GeoDesign

January 8th, 2010 by mike.mahaffie
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Word cloud of Delaware GIS 2010 presentation abstractsThis presentation, by Rachel Weeden, Technical Sales Manager – ESRI, will be featured during the afternoon session of presentations in the Venetian Room at Delaware GIS 2010: Think Spatially, Connect/Act/Lead Globally on February 10, 2010, in Dover.

GeoDesign incorporates geographic analysis into any design process, from developing a community project to conducting scientific research. With GeoDesign, initial design sketches are evaluated against spatial data, resulting in designs that more closely align with natural systems.

Applying GeoDesign empowers GIS professionals with a framework for information-based decision-making. As GIS continues to evolve, we move beyond using GIS to simply describe the world as it is; rather, we use GIS to support to the creation of a new, more sustainable future. The tools that ESRI builds to support GeoDesign will be used by individuals, groups, and society via the Web, building upon a message of collaboration for real-world problem-solving.

This presentation will focus on describing the vision of GeoDesign, and how ArcGIS 9.4 supports this new method with tools that streamline data creation, enhance spatial analysis capabilities and facilitate sharing and collaboration.

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