Delaware’s Soils Data Are Now Complete!

January 19th, 2010 by mike.mahaffie
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USDA NRCS LogoDelaware’s soils maps are now complete, statewide, and available on-line.

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), along with local,  state and federal conservation partners, has completed the updated soil survey of New Castle County, completing the state, according to Assistant State Soil Scientist Diane Shields.

The new soil survey is certified as the agency’s official source for soils information and supersedes the October, 1970 soil survey of New Castle County, Delaware.

This soil survey is now available online on the Web Soil Survey site and on the Soil Data Mart. Ms Shields strongly suggests that data users subscribe to the Soil Data Mart to be notified of future data updates via email.

“Sometime later this week, we will re-post the data for Kent and Sussex, as we have made improvements to the database,” she said. ” The maps will be revised slightly, and updated in a few months. So it is important for folks to subscribe to the Soil Data Mart, so they know when changes are made. In the future, data will be reposted at least once each year as minor database or map edits are made.”

Ms. Shields will present a poster on the Delaware soils data, and the NRCS, at the 2010 Delaware GIS Conference, in February.

The NRCS is responsible for leadership of the National Cooperative Soil Survey (NCSS), a nationwide partnership of federal, regional, state, and local agencies and institutions. Partners in NCSS work together to inventory, document, and interpret the soils of the United States and to disseminate information about the soils.

For questions or assistance, please contact Diane Shields (302-678-4172), or Phil King (302-856-3990) of the NRCS.

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2 Responses to “Delaware’s Soils Data Are Now Complete!”

  1. Lindsey Kling says:

    I have already been a big user of the Web Soil Survey, but now I won’t have to delicately page through my deteriorating hardcopy of the NCC soil survey! Thank you and good work!

  2. Joe Sylvester says:

    Lindsey Kling, maybe if you took better care of your books, they would last longer.