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A Useful Explanation of Delaware’s Boundary Monuments

Thursday, February 18th, 2010 by mike.mahaffie

Photo of a Delaware boundary monumentThe News Journal newspaper featured a “Did You Know” infographic on the Mason-Dixon Line (PDF) yesterday. The “Did You Know” series is not usually posted on the News Journal web site; they are designed for print and don’t translate well to HTML. (There is also a brief version, with just the text and a few pictures, up in HTML)

The News Journal was kind enough to provide us with a PDF image because of our interest in the Delaware boundary monuments.

After all, as I delight in reminding my GIS coordination colleagues from other states, Delaware is the First State and the boundary monuments are part of our very accurate state boundary data set. It can be argued, therefore, that every other state boundary in the continental United States is dependent on and derived from the Delaware boundary, and its monuments. They probably aren’t, but it’s fun to argue the point.